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Book Mark from Paint Swatches February 23, 2012

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I love crafts that I can do that include my girls. My girls always want to help and this was a fun project to do together. I used this project for my daughters Valentines for her class; however it would be great for party favors, book clubs, or even for personal use.

Here is a list of supplies that you will use in creating the bookmarks.

–       Paint Swatches (Free at WalMart or Hardware Store)

–       Paper Punch (Star, Heart, etc.)

–       Ribbon

–       Scissors

–       Rivets, Stickers, Jewels, Hole Punch (These are all optional)


Step One: Take paint swatches and heart punch (used for this project) and punch a heart in each box. (Do not put a punch in the top box)

Step Two: Use paper punch to place a punch in the top box. This punch will be straight up and down and not sideways as the other punches. (This hole will be used for tying the ribbon)

Step Three: Cut Ribbon (8 inches) and tie at the top of the paint swatch. (I tried two different types of knots and found that a double knot works best. Don’t pull ribbon to hard or bookmark can rip)

  • Optional: You can use a rivet punch and place a metal rivet to run the ribbon threw. It reinforces the hole which supports the ribbon.

Step Four: (Optional: Decorate with stickers, jewels, markers)



One Response to “Book Mark from Paint Swatches”

  1. Great Idea! I think they would make great gifts for teachers, too!

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