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A Sweet Treat February 28, 2012

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Dessert Kabobs

Taken to a BBQ

This dessert is a sure “Hit” at any function you might be attending. It can be dressed up for something more formal, or dressed down for a BBQ. Whatever your function might be this simple and quick recipe will be loved by all.

What you will need:

– Kabob Sticks (Wooden sticks made for BBQing)

– Strawberries (2 containers)

– Lemon Loaf Pound cake (Homemade or Bakery)

– White Bakers Chocolate or White Chocolate chips

– Cap full of cooking oil

(This will make about 12-15 Kabobs)

Preparing Strawberries: Wash the strawberries and pat completely dry. Then cut off both top stem of the strawberry, as well as the bottom tip. (Set aside)

Preparing Lemon Pound Cake: Cut lemon pound cake into cubes about an inch think.

Preparing Kabobs: Take your strawberries and lemon pound cake and slide onto wooden stick (Alternating each one). About three strawberries and three pieces of pounds cake per kabob.

Preparing Chocolate: I used a small pot inside a large pot of water since I do not have a double boiler (worked great). Melt white chocolate chips until smooth (To much heat can cause the chocolate to clump and become gritty and it will not work, be slow in the melting process) Feel free to add about a cap full of oil in the chocolate to help with smoothing. Once chocolate is smooth it is ready to put on to the kabobs.

Let Chocolate cool for a few seconds and then poor chocolate in a plastic freezer bag (this will make as a piping bag to pipe out Chocolate). Cut tip off and use a swirling motion to put chocolate on dessert kabobs. Once the chocolate is on, put into refrigerator for 10 mins. for chocolate to set.

PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING: For a BBQ putting in a metal tin is fine and works well with the BBQ theme, however if you will be attending something more formal (birthday party, bachelorette party, house warming) it looks beautiful on a tray. Then take left over strawberries and dip in white chocolate and put around the tray for presentation. You will have a dessert that is fun, formal, and unforgettable!!!


3 Responses to “A Sweet Treat”

  1. Maureen Blackwell Says:

    Love your dessert! Saving for next family picnic!!! ❤

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