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Ribbon Wreath March 30, 2012

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Ribbon Wreath

The main entrance into a person’s home is so important but often forgot about when decorating. This spring and summer I have set out to upgrade the front of my home with little projects that will bring color, personalization, and welcoming to any guest who walks through the front door. This project is fun and can be done in about two hours. You may also want to make one and use it for home décor, birthday party fun, or as I have done your front door.

Supplies You Will Need:

–           Wire Wreath (I used a 9” wreath but next one I make I would like to go bigger)

–           8+ spools of ribbon (Three different sizes .5-3 inches width and all different colors and patterns)

–           Crafting scissors

–           Wooden Letter (optional for personalization)


1.)        Cut ribbon (6.5  inches long)

2.)       Tie ribbons around ring (Tie the larger width ribbon more on the outside and inside of the ring, the smaller ribbon will be used more as filler ribbon in the center)

3.)       Alternate colors and patterns throughout the ring

4.)       Once you have filled the ring up, take and scrunch the ribbon together, this will create fullness and fill in gaps with more ribbon.

5.)       Once you fluff the ribbon and get the fullness you desire

6.)       Hang wooden letter by tying around letter and attaching ribbon to ring

Now you should have a beautiful full wreath of color. Hope you enjoy this project but even more I hope you enjoy staring at your wreath as I enjoy looking at mine all the time. Love Love Love it. Let me know how yours turn out. Happy Crafting and Happy Spring


Weekly Menu/ Calendar Dry Erase Board March 28, 2012

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Menu Board

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post and I feel so excited to get back to creating. My husband and I were long overdue for a vacation, but now that I am back I have a lot of things to accomplish on my to-do list. I have taken up menu planning and wanted to create a board that would allow my family to know what was on the menu for the week. I found this great idea on pinterest and wanted to recreate it. This is not my idea, but throught it was creative and would look great in the kitchen. So I recreated it. This project was very easy and looks great. My daughter is a big fan of the new board. I purchased this frame from Wal-Mart for about $9.00. I took it home and used my left over scrapbooking paper and left over scrapbooking letters and created this menu/weekly calendar.

– Cut paper to fit behind glass

– Picked out letter stickers to create the days of the week

– Place the fitted paper behind the glass

– I had a dry erase marker laying around and attached velcro to the pen and side of the frame to hold the pen.

– This will be used to keep a weekly calendar and weekly menu

This project was simple and anyone can do it. Stay tuned for menu planning this week and other fun projects.


Tissue Paper Toperaries (Spring Decor) March 9, 2012

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This craft will add some color to a table top, fire-place mantel, or can even be used for birthday parties or baby showers. Just last week I made twenty center pieces for my daughters fundraiser breakfast. They were a big bit and added so much color to the room. This is fun to do with the kids. My daughter enjoyed helping me on this project.


Small Flower Pot (I used this metal watering cans 1.00 at Dollar Tree)

Floral Foam (1.00 at Dollar Tree, one block makes 3)

Sand or small river rocks (Rocks 1.00, sand Free)

Small wooden dowel (Wal-Mart .64: makes 2)

Tissue paper (5 sheets of one color)

Scrap booking glue dots (Holds tissue puff to stick)

Optional: Stickers, jewels, paint (Painting the stick/stem)


 Step 1: Take flower-pot/container and put in floral foam (cut to fit), around the foam fill in with dirt or rocks to put weight on the foundation of your toperaries.

Step 2: Now we will place the wooden dowel in the center of the floral foam. This will be the stem. (Optional: you can wrap dowel in ribbon or paint stick)

Step 3: (Hardest Part, See Photos Below) Now we will make the puff out of tissue paper. This is the hardest part and the tissue paper can rip very easily.

– 5 sheets of tissue paper laid flat

– Fold tissue paper in half and cut down the center  (now you should have 10 even sheets) Place all sheets on top of each other to have 10 perfect sheets laying flat.

– Now you will do an accordion fold (alternating back and forth, even folds)

– Take strong scissors and cut ends on each side to make a point or rounded (This helps give your puff shape)

– Place a tie in the center (you can use crafting wire for bows, or a bread twist tie)

– Let paper fan out on both sides, now pull tissue paper one piece at a time towards your center. It will crumple a little and this is okay (Alternate this on both sides) When you are done, you should have a tissue ball, even on both sides.

Step Four: Attach ball to top of the stick.Have fun putting these together and Happy Spring decorating.. Let me know if you recreate this fun craft.

The cost to make each one is about $1.90 (when you make multiples)


Your Husband, Your Investment March 8, 2012

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Coffee Hour Discussion #2

This week I will be celebrating my tenth-year anniversary with the most important man in my life. However, I think it took me quite a few years to treat him like the investment he is to our family. You are probably wondering, why I am referring to our relationship as an investment. I know it sounds like a business deal and not a marriage but I think once you read my story you will understand like in a business, investing brings fourth rewards but these rewards are not of monetary value, it’s far better!!!

Last spring I read a book, “His Needs, Her Needs”, it was a pivotal turning point in my view of a relationship. The author, Willard F. Jr. Harley can seem to come across as intense, however I am a firm believer that there is always something (a pearl I like to call it) that can be taken from any book and applied to life for the better.

The pearl from this particular book is; in your daily relationships with people, you are making love deposits (meaning filling their love bank) or love withdrawals (meaning taking from their love bank). When you add to a man’s self-esteem (what man does not like to be told he is wonderful, amazing, and the best) then you are investing in him as a person and respecting the needs he has. When a man’s love bank is full he then starts reinvesting because he has the assurance of love and respect from his wife. No I am not a love doctor, nor am I really a mushy person, this just made so much sense to me and I wanted to share.

You know it’s a GREAT book when you stop thinking wow he really needs to read this book, and start thinking OMG, I think this book is yelling at me to create change(yeah I don’t like reality checks) but this one was great and what a huge return I received on our relationship and marriage. So the more I started making deposits within his love bank (notes of encouragement, hugs and kisses, words of affirmation, prayer) and the less I withdrew (nagging, putting down, not respecting his ideas and thoughts) then I started seeing a man who was more secure, a man who was more loving, and a man who was much more sensitive to my own needs (BINGO, see ladies it does give back). Now the book really grabbed my attention, when the book started talking about when I am not making love deposits, then who is making them in my place. I don’t know about you, but us woman can be pretty territorial and I do not think I want someone else depositing when all I am doing is withdrawing (Yikes!!!)

I was very fortunate when I told my husband how much this book changed my whole attitude on marriage that he also wanted to read it. It is a common joke in our home to say “Wow, that was a great deposit” or “Ouch” withdrawal. But the point is we are both more aware of the remarks and small gestures that will pick one up or tear one down. We strive to make many more deposits than withdrawals daily, and this has been so rewarding with priceless returns.

So, my question to you is, are you making deposits or withdrawals??? Sometimes it is very difficult to realize that maybe “I” need to make some changes, but what a huge blessing it has been.

Happy 10th Year Anniversary to an amazing man, who has encouraged me, loved me unconditionally and walked this journey with me side by side. We have learned so much and you are my partner, best friend and soul mate. (3-9-2002)

It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)

(Reference) His Needs, Her Needs: By Willard F. Jr. Harley, Willard F. Harley, Jr. – Baker Publishing Group (2011)


Foyer Closet Transformation March 7, 2012

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Do you have a space in your house that is just existing and not being used to its full potential? We all have a space in our homes that we just shove stuff into but it does not function well with our busy lives. For me this was my closet in my foyer. This closet housed our winter coats, air mattress, and maybe a vacuum at times. It was not a space that when people came over I could use to accommodate their coats and purses. I do not like telling my guest to just set their belongings on the sofa or on the table. This lead me to create a closet that could entertain my guests belongings and still function as a space to hold some family items.

Before ClosetDIY

To start we cleaned out our closet, in order to see what type of space we had to work with. Our coat closet is small, so don’t feel like you must have a big space to create an amazing change.

Next my husband and I took measurements in order to make the base. Your base is used as a seat and storage. While he was constructing the base I was choosing paint for the inside of the closet. The base will be custom to your space. We created our base to “Just Fit”. The seat is not drilled into the wall it is a free-standing box, so that in case we sell the house we have the option to turn back into a closet. This project was done before I started blogging, so I do not have a step to step plan on how we did this, but I still wanted to share as this project was very easy to do and done in a weekend.

Base for seat and storage

Free standing base, applied the ply wood to the top in the closet. Added two pieces of crown molding to the front top of the base and the bottom.

Supplies For Base:

  • 2×4 (going to depend on size of base you are making)
  • Ply wood Sheets (this will be used for the seat and bottom self)
  • Finishing Nails
  • Screws ( 2 and 1/4 inch)
  • Paint
  • Crown Molding
Tools Used For Base:
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hammer
  • Table Saw
  • Drill
  • Paint brush/Roller
** Make sure when you are constructing your seat, you use a support beam in the center of the seat to add support for sitting.
Once the base is constructed it is now time to make your space its own by adding some paint. The paint I choose went with my color scheme of the house. Once the paint dried, the space looked like it needed something else to really make the space “pop”. So we measured from the base to the ceiling and put in crown molding in the back corners to add depth.
Decorating My Space:
I love to decorate, so this part is always fun. The accessories in this closet are listed below. Of course feel free to create your space in a way that will support your needs and the needs of your family.
-Cushion For Seat (I used 2 patio cushions in my space)
-2 large baskets (for the bottom shelf)
-Brushed silver individual coat hooks for the side of the wall
-Coat Hook Rack (Purchased at Bed Bath Beyond (20% coupon)
-Throw pillows

This project turned out better then I expected and I am so pleased with this space. It has created a functioning space in our home that is used daily. You will often find my daughter in this nook reading a book (proud mama). Basket 1: holds our winter gear, Basket 2: holds the shoes by the door. I always have a place for peoples belongings when they visit.

I challenge you to pick a place in your house that you are not using to its full potential and get to renovating. I would love to see what you have created. Feel free to comment and leave links to spaces you have created.


I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength

(Phil 4:13)



5 Minute Crockpot Loaded Potato Soup March 2, 2012

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Loaded Potato

Soup in a Jiff!!!

(Crock Pot Style)

I did it again!!! I did so good to plan my menu for the week (Menu Planning, coming soon to coffee hour).  However I managed to over pack my schedule this week and preparing dinner just seemed to OVER WHELM me. Do you ever feel that way, that dinner is the last thing you want to tackle on an already hectic day? Well this soccer mom loves this recipe because I can feed the tummies of my family and still have time to relax after my already crazy day.


2 cans Cream of Potato Soup (Used Campbell’s)

2 cans Cheddar Cheese Soup (Used Campbell’s)

3 cups Half and Half (Alter this if you wish with some Milk)

Fresh Bacon Bits

1.5 Tbl. Minced Garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste

Optional ingredients: Fully cooked chicken breast strips (Cut into chunks), broccoli (Adds a little nutritional value)

Serves: 8-10

 Directions: Combine above ingredients in crock pot and stir until it is mixed throughly. Set crock pot on low for 3 hours or high for 1.5 hours. Stir occasionally. Once finished put into bowls and top with cheese and sour cream (optional).

I usually serve this with a salad! Soup is defiantly a comfort food; as it is quite heavy but oh so YUMMY!!!

Have a quick recipe that you would like to share? Be a guest blogger and let us know how you tackle those busy days with something quick.


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