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Tissue Paper Toperaries (Spring Decor) March 9, 2012

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This craft will add some color to a table top, fire-place mantel, or can even be used for birthday parties or baby showers. Just last week I made twenty center pieces for my daughters fundraiser breakfast. They were a big bit and added so much color to the room. This is fun to do with the kids. My daughter enjoyed helping me on this project.


Small Flower Pot (I used this metal watering cans 1.00 at Dollar Tree)

Floral Foam (1.00 at Dollar Tree, one block makes 3)

Sand or small river rocks (Rocks 1.00, sand Free)

Small wooden dowel (Wal-Mart .64: makes 2)

Tissue paper (5 sheets of one color)

Scrap booking glue dots (Holds tissue puff to stick)

Optional: Stickers, jewels, paint (Painting the stick/stem)


 Step 1: Take flower-pot/container and put in floral foam (cut to fit), around the foam fill in with dirt or rocks to put weight on the foundation of your toperaries.

Step 2: Now we will place the wooden dowel in the center of the floral foam. This will be the stem. (Optional: you can wrap dowel in ribbon or paint stick)

Step 3: (Hardest Part, See Photos Below) Now we will make the puff out of tissue paper. This is the hardest part and the tissue paper can rip very easily.

– 5 sheets of tissue paper laid flat

– Fold tissue paper in half and cut down the center  (now you should have 10 even sheets) Place all sheets on top of each other to have 10 perfect sheets laying flat.

– Now you will do an accordion fold (alternating back and forth, even folds)

– Take strong scissors and cut ends on each side to make a point or rounded (This helps give your puff shape)

– Place a tie in the center (you can use crafting wire for bows, or a bread twist tie)

– Let paper fan out on both sides, now pull tissue paper one piece at a time towards your center. It will crumple a little and this is okay (Alternate this on both sides) When you are done, you should have a tissue ball, even on both sides.

Step Four: Attach ball to top of the stick.Have fun putting these together and Happy Spring decorating.. Let me know if you recreate this fun craft.

The cost to make each one is about $1.90 (when you make multiples)


2 Responses to “Tissue Paper Toperaries (Spring Decor)”

  1. Enojoyed making these with you… so easy!! so decorative!! I’ve put these instructions in my file so I can do these at my home for a birthday or even holidays… Thanks so much for sharing…

  2. Very pretty. I need something like this in my Home Office Makeover.

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