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Ribbon Wreath March 30, 2012

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Ribbon Wreath

The main entrance into a person’s home is so important but often forgot about when decorating. This spring and summer I have set out to upgrade the front of my home with little projects that will bring color, personalization, and welcoming to any guest who walks through the front door. This project is fun and can be done in about two hours. You may also want to make one and use it for home décor, birthday party fun, or as I have done your front door.

Supplies You Will Need:

–           Wire Wreath (I used a 9” wreath but next one I make I would like to go bigger)

–           8+ spools of ribbon (Three different sizes .5-3 inches width and all different colors and patterns)

–           Crafting scissors

–           Wooden Letter (optional for personalization)


1.)        Cut ribbon (6.5  inches long)

2.)       Tie ribbons around ring (Tie the larger width ribbon more on the outside and inside of the ring, the smaller ribbon will be used more as filler ribbon in the center)

3.)       Alternate colors and patterns throughout the ring

4.)       Once you have filled the ring up, take and scrunch the ribbon together, this will create fullness and fill in gaps with more ribbon.

5.)       Once you fluff the ribbon and get the fullness you desire

6.)       Hang wooden letter by tying around letter and attaching ribbon to ring

Now you should have a beautiful full wreath of color. Hope you enjoy this project but even more I hope you enjoy staring at your wreath as I enjoy looking at mine all the time. Love Love Love it. Let me know how yours turn out. Happy Crafting and Happy Spring


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