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Designer Plastic Bag Holder May 4, 2012

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Happy Earth Day Friends

A great friend of mine showed me this awesome craft and I thought I would share it with you. I made mine in about an hour’s time. I have to say with Earth Day just a few days ago, this craft is all about recycling and reusing, while organizing at the same time. Let’s get started.

Designer Shopping Bag Holder:


Scrapbook Paper (12×12)

Solid Paper for Tag

Modge Podge (I used Matte finish)

Paint brush or sponge

Letter stickers or Silhouette machine

One large cleaning wipes container

Glue (Crafting glue)

1.)     Taking your Lysol wipes container, peel stickers off to just a clean white finish.

2.)    Measure and cut your paper to fit around the container accordingly, your paper will not fit all the way around but if you are using a 12×12 piece of scrap paper, then you will have enough to cut one small strip to fit the space that is not covered.

3.)    Using crafting glue, glue your paper to container, pulling tightly so that there are very little or no wrinkles. You will want to glue a small strip of paper first to container then wrap the remaining big piece of measured paper around the container.

4.)    Now that you have it all covered in the paper, take a solid color paper and scrapbooking stickers, create a tag.

5.)    Place tag to the front of container using crafting glue.

6.)    Once it is glued then you can start applying your Modge Podge to the outside of the container. This will paint on white, but will dry clear! I did three thick coats.

7.)    Open the top of the container and remove plastic pieces that hold in wipe. There should be a hole now that allows you to pull your plastic bag through.

8.)    Place plastic shopping bags in container. Mine hold 25+ bags.

Enjoy your new designer bag holder. I love mine!!! You will get lots of compliments from guests when you pull out your plastic bags. Happy Earth Day Friends and Happy Crafting.


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