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Refreshed and Renewed July 12, 2012

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There are some things in our life that we can not control and the last two months have been quite crazy in our household. Many of you have noticed that Sassy2Savvy has not been updated in some time and I have had many requests to get back to work. I did not plan to take time off however due to unforeseen emergency surgery I had to put the blog on the back burner. Once I became healthy again, I had a lot to catch up on within my family. Once you add in kids going on summer break, family vacations and camps time just slips away.

I have learned a few life lessons these last few weeks…

Lesson 1: Never take your health for granted.

I had to have my tonsils out. I have had strep throat almost 20 times in four years. This surgery was way over due and the recovery was rough. Our health is so important and we are only given one body, some things we can control and others we can’t. I had almost four weeks of down time to really embrace how important overall health is to our family unit.

Lesson 2: My kids need to know I value their interests.

My oldest plays soccer and this summer our soccer schedule seems to be packed with practice and many tournaments including nationals in Knoxville, which the girls took 2nd place. It was an accident leaving my computer at home for the 8 days we were in Knoxville, but an important lesson that sometimes we just need to put everything down and focus on what really matters to our children. My daughter loved that I was on the sidelines with no other agenda cheering her on. Our kids treasure the time we can give that is uninterrupted. Sometimes we forget that their interests are just as important as our interests. I loved putting the computer down and sitting on the soccer field cheering.

Lesson 3: Being a mom is a full time job.

I never knew how much I valued my job as Mom. Having my tonsils out was a huge deal. It took me away from my duties as mom and made me rely on others. Four weeks was quite a long time to take sick leave, and to tell you the truth the hardest thing to do was to let go of my title for a few weeks and let others in to take my place. I have a new found appreciation of being a mom. I love cookie dinner, organizing my house and planning outings with my family, though certain days are harder than others, I am blessed to be able to have a family.

Sometimes we need a little down time to appreciate what we have. I am excited to be back writing my blog and I have a few new ideas to share. Writing is my passion and I think we all have a story to tell.




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