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Running a Tired Race September 11, 2012

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Running a Tired Race

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still”

Exodus 14:14

This past Saturday I competed in my second Tough Mudder race in Maryland. For those of you that are not aware of what the Tough Mudder is; it is a long race (about 10-12 miles) through mud and obstacles that consist of ice, water, fire, and even electric shock. The race is extremely fun, however it can be quite tiring.

Well running the race I had a lot of time to reflect and pray. The praying was more asking God for strength and help to finish this race. The reflection came from a conversation I had days prior to the race. A few friends and I were talking about how life sometimes can seem like a tiring race, always trying to push through obstacles, so we can see what is on the other side.

My race this past weekend was full of obstacles which consisted of jumping over very high walls, climbing up hay bails stacked five high, jumping into a cargo container full of ice (34 degrees) and getting to the other side before I froze. However, I would be lying if I told you I did it all by myself. This race is based on team work, your entire team helps one another get though the obstacles. If I tried some of these alone, I would fail or not complete each obstacle.

Isn’t God on our team? However so many of us try to run this race of life, filled with so many obstacles alone. We fight through our walls, our hay stacks, only to find that we hit the wall or fall off the hay stack when we do it alone. I think sometimes God sits there and wonders why we run into the same wall over and over again without getting on our knees and simply asking for help. God is just waiting for us to be still, to be fed up enough hitting the same wall that we yell out “I can’t do this alone.”

Many of us know this, but how many times do we still try and try by our own will and not His will. I am so guilty of this. I start my day with a list of things to do. I get the kids ready for school, I clean the house, go grocery shopping,  work on PTA stuff, and look over my soccer mom priorities. By the time my daughter gets home, I can be frazzled and even sometimes just in a foul mood. Do you ever have those days? Those are the days that I feel like I just am running into walls and falling of the obstacles. It is days like these that I never once stopped and asked God to be on my team.

When I start my day with God on my team I usually wake up and read my bible and have my quite time. I don’t feel so alone or over whelmed. I feel like I have more time in the day and what stressed me yesterday does not seem so important today. It’s funny how easy that is to say but how hard it is to do. Friend I challenge you to get in some quite time each morning. In my quite time I read Gods word and talk to God in preparation for the day and then I set out on my day, never alone and with a mighty God ready to help throw me over that wall.

Have a blessed day!!!



One Response to “Running a Tired Race”

  1. Mary Says:

    I needed this reminder today!

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