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A Laundry Room Transformation October 10, 2012

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Laundry Room Transformation

Before Laundry Nook

They say “Love grows in a little house” I believe that to be true as well as “Clutter grows in a little house as much as love.” If you know me, you know I do not do clutter and I have a little house! One thing that bothers me is my laundry nook, like how I used the word nook. This closet (Yes! closet size)  is located off of the eat-in kitchen area.While looking at laundry rooms on Pinterest, I noticed that they had so much more room to decorate and organize then I did. This got my wheels a turning and I was challenged to make my nook functioning and organized. As you can see from the pictures above, this space was quite an eye sore. I would never think to open this space when I had company. Just because you are challenged with a small space, don’t let that hold you back.

For months I wanted to transform my nook, I had so many ideas but not so much money to invest in it. I kept my eyes open and a friend of mine had a cabinet hutch sitting in her garage. I loved the country charm it had. Well after a couple visits and seeing this hutch, I got brave and asked her about it. She was just waiting to get rid of it. SCORE!! At the time I knew I loved this piece but was not sure where I would use it until a light went off laundry transformation (my husband does not like these ah ha moments, as it means more work for him)

Let’s see what a little bit of paint, some shelving hardware, and some decorating can make:

Total Cost in Laundry Project (35.00)

After Transformation

Step One:

Pull out washer and dryer and clean nook. Wiped off walls, swept floor, and cleaned the baseboard and pulled down old wire shelves.

Step Two:

Paint the area using left over paint in garage. My house is made up of more neutral tones, so I had two colors left over and mixed them to create a similar color for the laundry nook. This saved me from having to buy paint (No money invested yet)

Step Three:

Measured the space for my new cabinet and painted cabinet with leftover paint (I wanted a shelf over the washer and dryer and the cabinet to appear as it was coming off the shelf)

Step Four:

Put up shelf and cabinet (Money went into buying the shelf and hardware for mounting the cabinet. $30.00)

Step Five:

Move back in!!! Put back the washer and dryer. Fill cabinets with cleaning supplies and decorated my shelves (Everything that I used to decorate was already in my home some where (including the close-pins from my craft area). I’m in love!!!

So with a little time, paint, and used products you can turn a not so organized mess into a Pinterest style laundry nook for almost nothing.


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