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Not My Smart Phone January 9, 2013

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 Not My Smart Phone

imagesCAC4JFWMWhile sitting in the doctor’s office the other day, I began to look around at all the people. I am not sure what I felt more in shock over, the fact that everyone was on some kind of technical savvy device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, smart phone, reader) or the fact that no conversations were going on because everyone’s faces were shoved so deep into their devices. OH MY!!! My heart sunk as I realized I was not one to judge because I to was guilty! While my three-year old sat next to me on her little computer, I sat on my phone.  I had no interaction with her just an occasional glance up to make sure she was okay and didn’t need anything.

Really, was I that self-absorbed with what I thought was so important that I did not spend crucial minutes with my daughter that I had been given. This time could have been used to invest in her, to encourage her, to read to her, to communicate with her. I began to reflect how much time I spend on social media, games, or even texting. If I would take that time and invest that into my family, I wonder just how much deeper relationships we could develop. I wonder if my girls would crave my attention less because they felt secure with the amount of time I spent with them vs. the time I spent on my phone or other device.

What will this world would be like when my girls become my age. I am scared by what I saw at the doctor’s office because if we continue as a society to keep our heads down into these devices, we as people will miss out on life. What about the power of a smile, or a hello? What will happen to the value of conversation? What will happen to the relationships in our homes? I hate to admit this but I know at times my girls feel devalued by the time I put into my phone or computer. NO LONGER, I AM TAKING A STAND.

For now on this family will feel valued, will communicate, laugh and giggle, and even disagree but we will do it with the appreciation of one another. How could I have gotten so involved that I fell victim to the “Smart Era.” Its time to reclaim priorities and invest into the lives that will give back one day…

114208540519951558_sHQO1J7s_cIf this made you think, wiggle in your seat, or question when the last time at an appointment you and yours had a great heart to heart conversation, then maybe you will be challenged like I was. In no way do I think these devices are wrong, as like I said above I LOVE mine, however I do believe they are wrong when priorities of life fall to the wayside.


New Year With New Possibilities January 7, 2013

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New Year With New Possibilities

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time flies. I would like to say I was having fun but the last few months proved to be the most challenging time in my life. I had to step away from my passion of writing to tend to more important things that needed tending to. In the months to come I will become more transparent, as I feel my story may be able to help others out there, but for now I will just get back to what I love and that is everything “Woman” crafts, cooking, devotions, projects, and interesting reads.

I hope you had a great Christmas and are settling into the New Year. I know personally every year I like to reflect on what I did good over the year and what I could do better on the following year. I am a sucker for New Year resolutions, because they focus on making changes for the positive. I know resolutions take a lot of slack and many people don’t make them, because in less than 6 weeks the focus is lost and “we” the people settle back into our comfort zone. Well there is no wrong with your comfort zone if its comfortable but for me I love the feeling of being stretched and challenged.

As for me I try to make New Year resolutions for each of these areas of my life; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Each year I make four resolutions and I choose these areas because they are real, it’s not something that is far-fetched and these areas make me the person I am. So why not want to better myself each year?

This year my emotional resolution is to stay in control of my emotions in my uncontrollable moments! Sound familiar, some of you have read the book “Unglued” by Lysa TerKeurst, this book gave me great insight on how my emotions can control the outcome of so many situations. Lysa uses her witty personality and personal stories to make one feel as they are not alone in this world when their emotions seem to get the best of them. My other resolutions consist of physical, mental, and spiritual. So creating a healthy environment for my family, which consists of sitting less and moving more would fall under my physical. My mental would be using my brain to impact the lives of others and my family, so I have started writing a book. And last but certainly not least would be spiritual, if you have followed my blog you already know my relationship with Christ is my passion. So my prayer is to seek God daily and give him the honor and glory for everything!

Friends it is so good to be back and doing what I love. I hope that you will follow and tell a friend. This week I challenge you to reflect on the amazing person you are and create some realistic ideas to better your life in 2013. Stay away from far-fetched resolutions and focus on little steps that will stretch and challenge you, these resolutions will provide growth that you will be able to see and reflect on at the end of the year. I would love to hear what some of your resolution might be.

Happy New Year From Sassy2Savvy to You and Yours!!!


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