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Im A Girl Up For A Challenge January 11, 2014

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blog challenge

     I am always up for a challenge and I don’t know a better challenge then one that will refocus my attention to doing what I love. I am committing to 52 weeks of writing on the topics given in this challenge. You know that I am a girl who loves creativity, so I hope to use these topic in the most creative ways that will bring smiles, laughs, and maybe even a few tears.

    Move over “tabloids” people are realizing that there is more to life then 30 day weddings and unreal expectations. Blogs are the new “IN” read. Many blogs share the lives of real people doing real things that matter. I love reading other blogs about real woman who are accomplishing motherhood in many creative ways, people who are traveling to places I dream of visiting, workout articles that are obtainable and healthy. Blogs share all areas of ones interests, the good, the bad, and the ugly. In most blogs there is no room for airbrushed faux lifestyles.

     As a wife, mother, sister and friend I write to encourage and inspire. I write to share my messy stories of life as well as my accomplishments of life so readers will get a real raw understanding of what an organized mess I really am. But none the less my family and I know the importance of  do-overs, loving one another, working hard, and laughing a lot. I am not perfect and that’s okay. I have a God that loves me just the way I am!


One Response to “Im A Girl Up For A Challenge”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Love this – I wonder if I could do it. I’ll have to look at the list closer and see if I would be able to. Not being a terrific writer, like you, it might not work well for me.
    Look forward to reading yours each week.

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