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A Laundry Room Transformation October 10, 2012

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Laundry Room Transformation

Before Laundry Nook

They say “Love grows in a little house” I believe that to be true as well as “Clutter grows in a little house as much as love.” If you know me, you know I do not do clutter and I have a little house! One thing that bothers me is my laundry nook, like how I used the word nook. This closet (Yes! closet size)  is located off of the eat-in kitchen area.While looking at laundry rooms on Pinterest, I noticed that they had so much more room to decorate and organize then I did. This got my wheels a turning and I was challenged to make my nook functioning and organized. As you can see from the pictures above, this space was quite an eye sore. I would never think to open this space when I had company. Just because you are challenged with a small space, don’t let that hold you back.

For months I wanted to transform my nook, I had so many ideas but not so much money to invest in it. I kept my eyes open and a friend of mine had a cabinet hutch sitting in her garage. I loved the country charm it had. Well after a couple visits and seeing this hutch, I got brave and asked her about it. She was just waiting to get rid of it. SCORE!! At the time I knew I loved this piece but was not sure where I would use it until a light went off laundry transformation (my husband does not like these ah ha moments, as it means more work for him)

Let’s see what a little bit of paint, some shelving hardware, and some decorating can make:

Total Cost in Laundry Project (35.00)

After Transformation

Step One:

Pull out washer and dryer and clean nook. Wiped off walls, swept floor, and cleaned the baseboard and pulled down old wire shelves.

Step Two:

Paint the area using left over paint in garage. My house is made up of more neutral tones, so I had two colors left over and mixed them to create a similar color for the laundry nook. This saved me from having to buy paint (No money invested yet)

Step Three:

Measured the space for my new cabinet and painted cabinet with leftover paint (I wanted a shelf over the washer and dryer and the cabinet to appear as it was coming off the shelf)

Step Four:

Put up shelf and cabinet (Money went into buying the shelf and hardware for mounting the cabinet. $30.00)

Step Five:

Move back in!!! Put back the washer and dryer. Fill cabinets with cleaning supplies and decorated my shelves (Everything that I used to decorate was already in my home some where (including the close-pins from my craft area). I’m in love!!!

So with a little time, paint, and used products you can turn a not so organized mess into a Pinterest style laundry nook for almost nothing.


Foyer Closet Transformation March 7, 2012

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Do you have a space in your house that is just existing and not being used to its full potential? We all have a space in our homes that we just shove stuff into but it does not function well with our busy lives. For me this was my closet in my foyer. This closet housed our winter coats, air mattress, and maybe a vacuum at times. It was not a space that when people came over I could use to accommodate their coats and purses. I do not like telling my guest to just set their belongings on the sofa or on the table. This lead me to create a closet that could entertain my guests belongings and still function as a space to hold some family items.

Before ClosetDIY

To start we cleaned out our closet, in order to see what type of space we had to work with. Our coat closet is small, so don’t feel like you must have a big space to create an amazing change.

Next my husband and I took measurements in order to make the base. Your base is used as a seat and storage. While he was constructing the base I was choosing paint for the inside of the closet. The base will be custom to your space. We created our base to “Just Fit”. The seat is not drilled into the wall it is a free-standing box, so that in case we sell the house we have the option to turn back into a closet. This project was done before I started blogging, so I do not have a step to step plan on how we did this, but I still wanted to share as this project was very easy to do and done in a weekend.

Base for seat and storage

Free standing base, applied the ply wood to the top in the closet. Added two pieces of crown molding to the front top of the base and the bottom.

Supplies For Base:

  • 2×4 (going to depend on size of base you are making)
  • Ply wood Sheets (this will be used for the seat and bottom self)
  • Finishing Nails
  • Screws ( 2 and 1/4 inch)
  • Paint
  • Crown Molding
Tools Used For Base:
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hammer
  • Table Saw
  • Drill
  • Paint brush/Roller
** Make sure when you are constructing your seat, you use a support beam in the center of the seat to add support for sitting.
Once the base is constructed it is now time to make your space its own by adding some paint. The paint I choose went with my color scheme of the house. Once the paint dried, the space looked like it needed something else to really make the space “pop”. So we measured from the base to the ceiling and put in crown molding in the back corners to add depth.
Decorating My Space:
I love to decorate, so this part is always fun. The accessories in this closet are listed below. Of course feel free to create your space in a way that will support your needs and the needs of your family.
-Cushion For Seat (I used 2 patio cushions in my space)
-2 large baskets (for the bottom shelf)
-Brushed silver individual coat hooks for the side of the wall
-Coat Hook Rack (Purchased at Bed Bath Beyond (20% coupon)
-Throw pillows

This project turned out better then I expected and I am so pleased with this space. It has created a functioning space in our home that is used daily. You will often find my daughter in this nook reading a book (proud mama). Basket 1: holds our winter gear, Basket 2: holds the shoes by the door. I always have a place for peoples belongings when they visit.

I challenge you to pick a place in your house that you are not using to its full potential and get to renovating. I would love to see what you have created. Feel free to comment and leave links to spaces you have created.


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