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Im A Girl Up For A Challenge January 11, 2014

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blog challenge

     I am always up for a challenge and I don’t know a better challenge then one that will refocus my attention to doing what I love. I am committing to 52 weeks of writing on the topics given in this challenge. You know that I am a girl who loves creativity, so I hope to use these topic in the most creative ways that will bring smiles, laughs, and maybe even a few tears.

    Move over “tabloids” people are realizing that there is more to life then 30 day weddings and unreal expectations. Blogs are the new “IN” read. Many blogs share the lives of real people doing real things that matter. I love reading other blogs about real woman who are accomplishing motherhood in many creative ways, people who are traveling to places I dream of visiting, workout articles that are obtainable and healthy. Blogs share all areas of ones interests, the good, the bad, and the ugly. In most blogs there is no room for airbrushed faux lifestyles.

     As a wife, mother, sister and friend I write to encourage and inspire. I write to share my messy stories of life as well as my accomplishments of life so readers will get a real raw understanding of what an organized mess I really am. But none the less my family and I know the importance of  do-overs, loving one another, working hard, and laughing a lot. I am not perfect and that’s okay. I have a God that loves me just the way I am!


Always Defining Who I Am January 4, 2014

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Picture taken by a good friend and photographer.

The New Year can sometimes can be so paralyzing, it screams “CHANGE” in so many ways. People making resolutions to change this or that; becoming thinner, becoming stronger, quit smoking, stop using credit cards. I found this New Year that I had so many ideas of what I wanted to, who I wanted to be, and where I wanted to go that the last four days of the New Year has been so mentally exhausting that I could not even find the energy to move off the couch. If you know anything about me I spend most of my time in full throttle and I slow down on rare occasion. This last week I had so many ideas that I analyzed all the possibilities before I even started that I paralyzed myself from even beginning. This week has been mentally draining without any accomplishment.

Today as I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I don’t have to have all the answers or know the exact direction. If I am living for the sole purpose to bring God glory then I just have to take the first step and He will direct my placement and path. You see we are always defining ourselves. It’s not just at the beginning of the year or the middle of the year but each day we wake up we are defining something about ourselves. Do not get me wrong I look to the New Year with great anticipation and believe that resolutions give individuals goals which then provides direction. With my type A personality, New Years is a chance to organize my thoughts and come up with actions. But what I don’t need to do is believe that it is the only time of the year that I can create change or make goals. And I don’t have to have all the answers, as the answers will come. And if I am afraid of failing then my goals are bigger then me but not bigger then God so I have great goals.

So I am no longer paralyzed, but will vow to put one foot in front of the other. I will wake up knowing that I am daily defining who I am and knowing I serve a mighty and powerful God. I don’t need all the answers of how I am going to get there just the FAITH to believe that He will direct my path.

“May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.” 2 Thessalonians 3:5


Learning To Be Still (Refuel, Recharge, and Reexamine) November 11, 2013

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Coffee Hour HeartOh how I have missed sitting down at my computer, its been too long. It is so funny how time can race by and we get caught up in its current that we forget at times to do what we enjoy, and not what the world tells us we enjoy. I am one fast paced moving mama and I forget just how important it is to be still and take the time to recharge. This weekend I have had a lot of time to be still (I was hardly still but in being still means I did not have any place to go and stayed within the confinement of my home most of the weekend). So often my house becomes nothing more than a shell. I was convicted that my house, needs not to be a shell but a home that rejuvenated and refreshes. We come in and throw out bags down, just to run to the next activity. I will say that our dinners are taken serious and most nights (at least 5) are eaten together as a family (our only still time). When I am moving, I forget how much I have been blessed with, what my kids voices really sound like. I stopped and sat with my three-year old as she just went on and on and I savored her sweet voice because all too soon she will be grown and I will forget.  How many of you can relate to this?

This last year has been quite a journey for my husband and I. I have felt guilty that I have let so many years go by that I forgot that marriage takes work. We both just go with the flow that we forget how important it is to date your spouse. How important it is to sit down and talk.  It takes time to stop, pause and reflect. Paul and I have done a lot of reflecting, pausing, working, and we still have so far to go, but it has felt so good to really partner with my husband, to enjoy my husband (yes, I want to harm him sometimes!) But when I take time to reexamine that man I married, the hard-working father he is to our girls, my heart starts to become over whelmed with the feeling of love, not just the choice of love. When I let the world around me go so fast and dictate my every move I forget or become desensitized by the power of our relationship. When we are closer and on the same page our girls seem more relaxed, when we work together and run our errands together we get to sneak some time in to enjoy each others presence. It is amazing how just one weekend in doors together can make you see things so much clearer.

So I think I will be aware of getting in some quite time, because when I get time to refuel, recharge, and reexamine, some things make so much more sense! Have a great day friends. Remember that you too need to be recharged.

Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because he has roused himself from his holy dwelling. Zechariah 2:13


Not My Smart Phone January 9, 2013

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 Not My Smart Phone

imagesCAC4JFWMWhile sitting in the doctor’s office the other day, I began to look around at all the people. I am not sure what I felt more in shock over, the fact that everyone was on some kind of technical savvy device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, smart phone, reader) or the fact that no conversations were going on because everyone’s faces were shoved so deep into their devices. OH MY!!! My heart sunk as I realized I was not one to judge because I to was guilty! While my three-year old sat next to me on her little computer, I sat on my phone.  I had no interaction with her just an occasional glance up to make sure she was okay and didn’t need anything.

Really, was I that self-absorbed with what I thought was so important that I did not spend crucial minutes with my daughter that I had been given. This time could have been used to invest in her, to encourage her, to read to her, to communicate with her. I began to reflect how much time I spend on social media, games, or even texting. If I would take that time and invest that into my family, I wonder just how much deeper relationships we could develop. I wonder if my girls would crave my attention less because they felt secure with the amount of time I spent with them vs. the time I spent on my phone or other device.

What will this world would be like when my girls become my age. I am scared by what I saw at the doctor’s office because if we continue as a society to keep our heads down into these devices, we as people will miss out on life. What about the power of a smile, or a hello? What will happen to the value of conversation? What will happen to the relationships in our homes? I hate to admit this but I know at times my girls feel devalued by the time I put into my phone or computer. NO LONGER, I AM TAKING A STAND.

For now on this family will feel valued, will communicate, laugh and giggle, and even disagree but we will do it with the appreciation of one another. How could I have gotten so involved that I fell victim to the “Smart Era.” Its time to reclaim priorities and invest into the lives that will give back one day…

114208540519951558_sHQO1J7s_cIf this made you think, wiggle in your seat, or question when the last time at an appointment you and yours had a great heart to heart conversation, then maybe you will be challenged like I was. In no way do I think these devices are wrong, as like I said above I LOVE mine, however I do believe they are wrong when priorities of life fall to the wayside.


New Year With New Possibilities January 7, 2013

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New Year With New Possibilities

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time flies. I would like to say I was having fun but the last few months proved to be the most challenging time in my life. I had to step away from my passion of writing to tend to more important things that needed tending to. In the months to come I will become more transparent, as I feel my story may be able to help others out there, but for now I will just get back to what I love and that is everything “Woman” crafts, cooking, devotions, projects, and interesting reads.

I hope you had a great Christmas and are settling into the New Year. I know personally every year I like to reflect on what I did good over the year and what I could do better on the following year. I am a sucker for New Year resolutions, because they focus on making changes for the positive. I know resolutions take a lot of slack and many people don’t make them, because in less than 6 weeks the focus is lost and “we” the people settle back into our comfort zone. Well there is no wrong with your comfort zone if its comfortable but for me I love the feeling of being stretched and challenged.

As for me I try to make New Year resolutions for each of these areas of my life; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Each year I make four resolutions and I choose these areas because they are real, it’s not something that is far-fetched and these areas make me the person I am. So why not want to better myself each year?

This year my emotional resolution is to stay in control of my emotions in my uncontrollable moments! Sound familiar, some of you have read the book “Unglued” by Lysa TerKeurst, this book gave me great insight on how my emotions can control the outcome of so many situations. Lysa uses her witty personality and personal stories to make one feel as they are not alone in this world when their emotions seem to get the best of them. My other resolutions consist of physical, mental, and spiritual. So creating a healthy environment for my family, which consists of sitting less and moving more would fall under my physical. My mental would be using my brain to impact the lives of others and my family, so I have started writing a book. And last but certainly not least would be spiritual, if you have followed my blog you already know my relationship with Christ is my passion. So my prayer is to seek God daily and give him the honor and glory for everything!

Friends it is so good to be back and doing what I love. I hope that you will follow and tell a friend. This week I challenge you to reflect on the amazing person you are and create some realistic ideas to better your life in 2013. Stay away from far-fetched resolutions and focus on little steps that will stretch and challenge you, these resolutions will provide growth that you will be able to see and reflect on at the end of the year. I would love to hear what some of your resolution might be.

Happy New Year From Sassy2Savvy to You and Yours!!!


Demands of Deployment (A spouses story) July 16, 2012

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Deployment day comes and it’s time to say goodbye. You dress the kids up in their best outfits and head out to the pier where you wave goodbye, wiping the tears from your eye only to stay as strong as possible for the little ones. One might think that this would be the hardest day but a military spouse might disagree. The hardest days are the ones where the air conditioning goes out, one of the kids busts out their two front teeth, and you realize you have a flat tire all in the same day. These days are the challenging ones. The day you wave goodbye is actually a relief because you can finally start counting down the days to homecoming. The stress and anxiety that was built the last couple of weeks while preparing for deployment is released when your service member pulls away.

As a proud military wife of three deployments, I have learned the importance of being prepared while your service member deploys. It is the service member’s responsibility to stay focused on the mission and the spouse’s responsibility to carry on the duties and everyday rigamarole of home life.

It is important as a military spouse to first tell yourself that not everything will go how you want it to. It is important to admit to yourself that “you are not perfect and will make mistakes” during deployment. For example, this last deployment my family experienced, I was so overwhelmed with unloading the groceries from the car that I left my youngest inside (only for a few minutes, before I realized she was missing). I cried for a week to think that I could have left a child in the car and not realized it, but then I had to let go of the guilt and make some adjustments to make sure it never happened again, as I still had four more months of deployment left.

Each challenge will make you a little stronger and build that much more character. Here are just a few things one can do as a military spouse to help with the demands of deployment.

  • Get Busy. It’s important to still have a life even though a part of the family is missing. Keeping normalcy is important for the kids but staying busy is also important for the spouse’s health. Make a list of to-dos that you might want to accomplish before the deployment is over. For example, this last deployment I had a goal to participate in a “Tough Mudder,” which is a mud and obstacle race. It took training and focus but, before I knew it, my race was approaching and the deployment was more than halfway over. Make sure to get the kids involved in planning a schedule so they too will have something to look forward to or work towards.
  • Split up the deployment into four quarters and plan a trip or event for each quarter. For example, the first quarter my family took a camping trip over Memorial Day weekend with other families. The kids had something to look forward to and this caused a distraction as to how many days were left until dad came home. The second quarter, grandparents came to visit and we planned events around town to share with our company, and again had a blast while more time passed us by.
  • Find Support. As a military spouse, support is so important. Creating a good support system can either make  or break a deployment. Many people are willing to help if you just let them. It is important to admit we cannot do everything alone. For example, when my mother had a heart attack, it was friends that stepped up and watched my girls so I could tend to my mom. It was friends that invited me and my girls on family outings and got us out of our house. Having other adults to talk to and relate with is important. Finding support can be as easy as making a phone call to support groups for military spouses. Also great places to seek out are churches, book clubs, and play groups. I found most of my support through church friends and my daughter’s soccer team.
  • Get Involved. All services have some form of F.R.G (Family Readiness Group). This group keeps you up-to-date with everything that has to do with your service member. This group will plan events and social outings, send out monthly email updates as to how your service member’s unit is doing, and provide support in times of emergency at home. I attended most monthly meetings and was informed of all the latest news.
  • Take Time to Grow. There are a lot of times when being a spouse, parent, or friend take up all of our time, and days or even a few minutes of quiet time is scarce. I know as a mom of two energetic girls and wife to a military husband, I don’t always get time to sit and reflect on me. Deployments are great for focusing on “me time”. I read new books, watch movies that I wanted to watch (of course when the kids went to bed) and spent time reflecting on what I liked or might want to change about myself. Keeping in mind that deployments are stressful and can be quite a load on one’s shoulders, it’s very important to have quiet moments to reflect.
  • Keep Your Service Member Close. Make sure to always keep your service member close. You can do this through taking family pictures before deployment and then posting current up-to-date pictures in the house. Prepare boxes to send to your service member. My girls loved that they could prepare a box for dad and then decorate the outside (send a box at least once a month). Stay in touch through email, even if your service member can’t write as much as you might hope. Writing to them creates the reality that they are still there and a part of your life.

Being a military spouse takes a special person. It takes dedication and selflessness. It is nights and days alone, being a single parent, while also paying the bills, mending boo-boos, and helping with homework. It means being both mommy and daddy, even on the days that you are just too tired. Getting though deployment is an accomplishment to be proud of. When you become a military spouse you do not get a manual that tells you how to feel, how to act, or what to do. However, being a military spouse comes with honor, humbleness, and complete pride in the cause you are serving and supporting.


Here We Grow Again April 4, 2012

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He We Grow Again!!

We have nearly 800 views in just over a month’s time. I have to say I am honored that you, my fans like my blog. I started this blog with the “woman” in mind. Sassy 2 Savvy is growing again and we are now on Facebook. Go “LIKE” our page . Again, I want to say Thank You, Thank You for the support and encouragement. I hope that when you visit sassy2savvy you feel inspired, renewed, and encouraged! You my friend were created for a purpose and are beautiful inside and out.

I would love to see this site become interactive, if you would like to be a guest blogger and have a topic you want to share, please let me know. I know a lot of amazing woman out there that do amazing things, feel free to share pictures of projects, recipes that were a success, and crafts that you are proud of creating!

Sassy2Savvy can not be successful without its followers, and I am so excited in the direction we are headed. Please share with a friend or friends. Look for upcoming contests!! Happy Creating and Happy Living Friends

Elizabeth (Liz) Andersen


Sassy2Savvy Going Live!!! February 23, 2012

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Every woman has sassiness within. It’s just a matter of finding it and paying it some attention. Let’s get honest …. us women spend so much time taking care of others that we forget to refuel our own gas tanks.

This blog is created with you in mind! My vision for this site is to provide women a place to refuel by providing topics that cater to all aspects of her life. Here is what you will find while visiting.

DIY: (Do It Yourself) Why pay the money when you can create it yourself? This is a place where projects will be posted that you can accomplish with just a few tools. Not only will it save you money but give you a sense of accomplishment. Feel free to share your own ideas and projects.

Coffee Hour: Come and relax as you read topics that can encourage, motivate, teach, and or give you a feeling of kinship. I have found that I am not alone in this calling to be my best self and that there are amazing woman just like me that share in my day-to-day challenges.

Sassy Crafts: Get in touch with your CREATIVE side. Sassy crafts are projects done on a smaller scale, like how you and your child can make Valentines out of paint swatches or design a “Mom and Daughter” journal out of duck tape. Crafts can get your creative juices flowing and renew your spirit.

Gallery: A combination of pictures to use as a reference in the different projects and crafts that are shared on this site.  Maybe share a few pictures of my awesome family.


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