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A Sweet Treat February 28, 2012

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Dessert Kabobs

Taken to a BBQ

This dessert is a sure “Hit” at any function you might be attending. It can be dressed up for something more formal, or dressed down for a BBQ. Whatever your function might be this simple and quick recipe will be loved by all.

What you will need:

– Kabob Sticks (Wooden sticks made for BBQing)

– Strawberries (2 containers)

– Lemon Loaf Pound cake (Homemade or Bakery)

– White Bakers Chocolate or White Chocolate chips

– Cap full of cooking oil

(This will make about 12-15 Kabobs)

Preparing Strawberries: Wash the strawberries and pat completely dry. Then cut off both top stem of the strawberry, as well as the bottom tip. (Set aside)

Preparing Lemon Pound Cake: Cut lemon pound cake into cubes about an inch think.

Preparing Kabobs: Take your strawberries and lemon pound cake and slide onto wooden stick (Alternating each one). About three strawberries and three pieces of pounds cake per kabob.

Preparing Chocolate: I used a small pot inside a large pot of water since I do not have a double boiler (worked great). Melt white chocolate chips until smooth (To much heat can cause the chocolate to clump and become gritty and it will not work, be slow in the melting process) Feel free to add about a cap full of oil in the chocolate to help with smoothing. Once chocolate is smooth it is ready to put on to the kabobs.

Let Chocolate cool for a few seconds and then poor chocolate in a plastic freezer bag (this will make as a piping bag to pipe out Chocolate). Cut tip off and use a swirling motion to put chocolate on dessert kabobs. Once the chocolate is on, put into refrigerator for 10 mins. for chocolate to set.

PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING: For a BBQ putting in a metal tin is fine and works well with the BBQ theme, however if you will be attending something more formal (birthday party, bachelorette party, house warming) it looks beautiful on a tray. Then take left over strawberries and dip in white chocolate and put around the tray for presentation. You will have a dessert that is fun, formal, and unforgettable!!!


What’s Piqued Your Pinterst? February 24, 2012

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What’s Piqued Your Pinterest?

I have a secret to tell you… Are you ready? Can you handle the suspense?

Well there is a new world out there that people are plugging into. It is the world of CREATIVITY. Okay it is not a new world, but a world where not many dare to go. Economic times are causing families to pinch their pennies, which in turns challenges our minds to get what we want in a more SAVVY and creative way.

Within this new world of creativity people are being introduced to technological advancements which allow one the ability to pull millions of ideas from a database. Individuals who believe they do not carry a creative bone in their body are stepping out and creating from these databases of ideas.

There are not many days that go by that you will not hear me say the word “Pinterest.” In turn there are not many days when I don’t hear someone ask me “What is Pinterest”. So I figured I would take my first coffee hour and tell you about this incredible resource that will have you saving money, creating new ideas, and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Pinterest is a website that was designed for the purpose of pinning ideas. We all can relate to surfing the web, becoming over whelmed with so many ideas that when we leave we forget what we saw and how to get back to that particular spot. Pinterest allows people to pin (save) ideas or websites in a database (called Pinterest is a collaboration of people’s pins that make up millions of ideas in picture form (pictures are linked to the websites as the reference). I don’t know about you but I am a visual person; I usually don’t attempt to make much unless I have a picture to follow (which is why I love this site).

To get started pinning ideas and sharing your own, you must create an account at . To create an account you must be invited by a friend who is already pinning (I would love to invite you, just leave your email address). Pinterest will then send you an Evite to create an account.  Once your account is made, then you will start creating your own profile made up of boards, pins, and likes. I know I just started speaking a new language. Let’s break it down…

Pins: ideas that you save from the database to store in your profile.

Boards: Are categories (like files) that allow you to organize your pins. For example I have a board titled “Food”; this is where I store all my pins that have anything to do with food; recipe ideas, pictures of food, or entertainment or catering ideas. I also have a board titled “Kids”; this is where all my ideas go that have anything to do with kids (Games, décor, etc.)

Likes: is when you give attention to an idea by hitting the “Like” button.


So have I overwhelmed you yet? You could be asking yourself now, “Where do I go to start pinning”. Well that depends on your interest, everyone goes to “Explore” which gives you all kinds of ideas, however if you are like me and know what your interests are, then you might try exploring just in your field of interest; DIY and Crafts, Kids, Food, Decorating.

Like anything else, you won’t know the advantage of this site until you try it. Let me warn you, it can be addicting! Have fun learning new ideas, creating your own ideas to share, and exploring new possibilities. For example this weekend my girls and I are making our own powder laundry detergent (blog to follow). It lasts for seven months, saves money, and is great for the environment. I think that is a SCORE of a pin!!!

I would love to hear what you like about Pinterest. Share any ideas I might have missed. Share your favorite pins and please let me know if this was helpful.


Book Mark from Paint Swatches February 23, 2012

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I love crafts that I can do that include my girls. My girls always want to help and this was a fun project to do together. I used this project for my daughters Valentines for her class; however it would be great for party favors, book clubs, or even for personal use.

Here is a list of supplies that you will use in creating the bookmarks.

–       Paint Swatches (Free at WalMart or Hardware Store)

–       Paper Punch (Star, Heart, etc.)

–       Ribbon

–       Scissors

–       Rivets, Stickers, Jewels, Hole Punch (These are all optional)


Step One: Take paint swatches and heart punch (used for this project) and punch a heart in each box. (Do not put a punch in the top box)

Step Two: Use paper punch to place a punch in the top box. This punch will be straight up and down and not sideways as the other punches. (This hole will be used for tying the ribbon)

Step Three: Cut Ribbon (8 inches) and tie at the top of the paint swatch. (I tried two different types of knots and found that a double knot works best. Don’t pull ribbon to hard or bookmark can rip)

  • Optional: You can use a rivet punch and place a metal rivet to run the ribbon threw. It reinforces the hole which supports the ribbon.

Step Four: (Optional: Decorate with stickers, jewels, markers)



Sassy2Savvy Going Live!!!

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Every woman has sassiness within. It’s just a matter of finding it and paying it some attention. Let’s get honest …. us women spend so much time taking care of others that we forget to refuel our own gas tanks.

This blog is created with you in mind! My vision for this site is to provide women a place to refuel by providing topics that cater to all aspects of her life. Here is what you will find while visiting.

DIY: (Do It Yourself) Why pay the money when you can create it yourself? This is a place where projects will be posted that you can accomplish with just a few tools. Not only will it save you money but give you a sense of accomplishment. Feel free to share your own ideas and projects.

Coffee Hour: Come and relax as you read topics that can encourage, motivate, teach, and or give you a feeling of kinship. I have found that I am not alone in this calling to be my best self and that there are amazing woman just like me that share in my day-to-day challenges.

Sassy Crafts: Get in touch with your CREATIVE side. Sassy crafts are projects done on a smaller scale, like how you and your child can make Valentines out of paint swatches or design a “Mom and Daughter” journal out of duck tape. Crafts can get your creative juices flowing and renew your spirit.

Gallery: A combination of pictures to use as a reference in the different projects and crafts that are shared on this site.  Maybe share a few pictures of my awesome family.


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